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We build premium footwear and accessories for the outdoor-minded. Fit for Adventure!
Chaco is dedicated to being a connection to a lifetime of adventure.

We live in a world that makes faddish, non-recyclable and non-repairable products. In short, we make garbage. Since 1989, Chaco products have been the gold standard for durability and simplicity. We got our start by creating a product that outlasted the competition—one that could be repaired rather than pitched into a landfill.
Company Overview
Fit. Function. Comfort. Quality.
Since 1989, everything we do revolves around these concepts.
Our business remains a thoughtful process. From new style introductions to changes in tread pattern or glue formula, everything passes a litmus test to determine whether it's truly an improvement. We don't believe in complicated footwear and hype. Instead, we want to inspire lifelong commitment from you all who put our gear on your feet—whether you're resoling a favorite pair of old Zs or slipping into our shoes and boots.