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Bioluminescent Kayaking in Florida

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Bioluminescent Kayaking Tours Near Orlando & Cocoa Beach

Get ready to spend a magical evening on this nighttime bioluminescence tour with BK Adventure.  See the water light up as luminous sea life surrounds your kayak.  Our bioluminescent kayaking tours are often called “the best thing to do in Florida for vacation.”  See this natural nighttime spectacle as you paddle around the warm waters of the Indian River Lagoon.

Where is the best place to see Florida Bioluminescence?

The Indian River and the Banana River both have glowing algae.  Both rivers are part of the Indian River Lagoon –  We affectionately call this Florida’s “Bioluminescent Bay.

When to go: We do this tour year ’round.  In warm weather, you will see glowing plankton.  In colder months, you will see comb jellies. Some months you will see both!

Tours depart nightly: In summer months there are 3-4 departures per night between 8:30 pm to midnight.  In winter there is one departure every night.  Book early for July/August weekends as tours often sell out.

What type of kayak: This tour is in tandem kayak only due to restrictions of the number of boats allowed on the water in the areas we kayak.